shoe storage

Shoe storage: you cherish your collection of footwear and it would break your heart to see them lying about in a messy heap or it could be so you can find the pair you need when you need it.

Whatever your reason for considering a shoe storage or shoe rack, it is important that it provides efficient storage and organization of ALL your footwear.

Shoe storage comes in a wide variety, varying widely in usefulness and price. There is the standalone type, the closet shoe storage rack, the clear plastic shoe boxes and of course the wall mounted shoe rack. They also come in different materials: wooden, metal and plastic. While some people are looking to buy their very first shoe rack, many have had experiences of various types of shoe racks, all of which have left them unsatisfied therefore left them looking for the next shoe organizer that will “do the job”.

Whichever of these you are, it is important to ensure that your next shoe storage does exactly what it’s supposed to do – organize your shoes and boots EFFICIENTLY!

So how do you ensure your next shoe storage system does exactly what you expect it do? We will suggest the following checklist:

Can the shoe rack store your shoes AND boots?
A well known problem with most shoe storage products is that they CAN’T store your boots! It is of course not a problem if you have no boots. But if you have even only a pair, then it goes without saying that you need a shoe organizer that can store both your shoes AND boots together in one place!

Can it conform to your space?
If all the space you have is that under your stairs or in the narrow alcove in your bedroom or the “dead” space underneath the hangings in your wardrobe, then your shoe racks must fit in THAT space otherwise, it’s no good!

Can it maximize your storage space? Space is a premium in most homes. Except if you have the luxury of space to store your shoes, then being able to maximize the space in your shoe organizer so you can store the maximum number of shoes and BOOTS is a must! You must therefore avoid shoe storage products that do not allow maximization of space

Can you assemble it without a hassle?
You could build a rocket quicker than you can put together most shoe storage racks we have seen! Our advice is to avoid this sort at all cost except of course you have the patience of a saint and the time to spare! In fact we recommend that you choose only a shoe rack which offers complete tool-free assembly. That way you get the motivation to actually set it up – and then use it!

Even if you didn’t expect these benefits from your shoe storage, we’re sure you’ll agree that all these features are essential in a decent and efficient shoe organizer. And if you’re familiar with available shoe storage products, then you’d have noticed it is job finding a shoe rack which offers ALL of these benefits.

You shouldn’t compromise your standards by settling for shoe racks that only do half the job. It is therefore worth searching the internet for efficient shoe storage products before buying your next shoe storage.